Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pink Shorts

Taking these pictures a little while ago, I completely forgot to post them (but here they are now)! Statement shorts with a preppy edge is a summer trend transitioning into the fall. Not only is preppy popular for the next month to come, but so are statement pieces such as my shorts or even the rope/chord belt as an unconventional accessory. I love shopping, especially for the latest fashions, so be on the look out for preppy wear this late summer and early fall!

-Verica Nakeva

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little Black Summer Dress

Every girl needs a little black dress! This particular one from Saks just happens to be the one I love this summer. Black is a great color for all seasons and it can be pared with most anything if you incorporate it correctly. So, go out and find your little black dress for any season. You can dress it up, dress it down, add fun accessories or wear it plain. Trust me a LBD is essential in every girl's closet!

-Verica Nakeva

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Brunch at the Beach

I love summer mornings, especially ones spent on the beach. Going to Avenue, a restaurant in Long Branch (beach) for brunch, then strolling around going shopping in the boutiques, and then off for some ice cream to cool you off is the perfect summer day. I definitely recommend visiting my favorite beach (Long Branch), and make sure to wear some sunscreen and  bright colors! Also, if you were wondering I am not warning a summer suit I just made it look that way. I put together a linen blazer, with regular white shorts, and a cute neon baby-blue Guess top for quite the chic look. Well, enjoy the beach, I know I did!

-Verica Nakeva

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Floating Away

Summer is going by so quickly this year and I just can't seem to be able to catch up! Sorry for not blogging for a while, I was quiet the busy girl these past four weeks. Spending time with my family and friends, going to Washington D.C. for a leadership conference, and starting an internship; a lot has been going on. Not blogging just came with the crazy schedule! Anyway, while having time away I did repeat a few outfits and didn't change many things up. However, I guess that's the lesson for today. Don't be afraid to repeat outfits! Sure, it's nice to have 365 different ensembles for every day of the year like Nicole Richie, but sadly we are not her. All you have to worry about is not to repeat the same outfit too many times and learn how to mix and match the articles of clothing that you have! You don't have to have a million things, you just have to know how to make it seem that way. Be creative and innovative! 

-Verica Nakeva

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blue Jeans

I love how simple blue jeans can inspire such a vibrant and accessorized outfit! Wanting to wear blue jeans I found the cutest shirt from Zara, and then pulled together my accessories. Then to add some contrast I put on my Calvin Klein belt and then my Betsy Johnson neckless to "dress up" the ensemble. Always try to be creative and mix and match the things you have because accessories can make all of the difference!

-Verica Nakeva